November 18, 2014

Local councils caught napping on alcohol control

New research reveals that Victorian local government alcohol plans are weak, vague and largely non-existent.

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Local councils caught napping on alcohol control

By Claire Wilkinson

New research reveals that Victorian local government alcohol plans are weak, vague and largely non-existent.

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One in ten children harmed by adults’ drinking

By Anne-Marie Laslett

New research has found children across the globe are being hurt, abused, exposed to violence, or left unsupervised as a result of another’s drinking.

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Your fault you’re fat? I don’t buy it

By Dr Alessandro Demaio

Dr Alessandro Demaio couldn’t help but notice the amount of alcohol and junkfood advertising throughout both London and Mexico City.

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Senator Nash speaks at the AMA National Alcohol Summit

By Fiona Nash

Assistant Health Minister The Hon Fiona Nash says this Government will work with stakeholders to reduce the impact of alcohol related violence and harm.

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Bill Shorten addresses the AMA National Alcohol Summit

By Bill Shorten

Opposition Leader The Hon Bill Shorten believes that tackling alcohol harms is a matter of national importance.

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Alcohol harms and solutions: It’s a numbers game

By Michael Thorn

Addressing the AMA National Alcohol Summit, Michael Thorn calls for a national plan.

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Victorians vote for action on alcohol

By Michael Thorn

The message from Victorians is loud and clear – their Government should be doing more to reduce alcohol harms.

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One month without alcohol

By Mark Abbott

Could you survive 30 days without alcohol? Concerned that he was leaning towards alcohol dependency, Mark Abbott challenged himself to quit drinking.

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Alcohol: Victoria’s most harmful drug

By Caterina Giorgi

The Victorian election is fast approaching and there has been too little attention on the need to prevent alcohol-related violence and harms.

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The road to effective advocacy – Top Ten Tips

By Julia Stafford

The need to advocate for measures that will reduce harms from alcohol is clear, but how do we learn to be effective advocates?

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DrinkWise alcohol industry beer goggles only serve to confuse

By Rob Moodie

‘It’s important that we recognise DrinkWise as the alcohol industry vehicle it really is’

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Alcohol in South Africa

Policy measures could address South Africa’s alcohol problems and culture of heavy drinking.

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Party Safe – Taking a calculated approach

The majority of drinkers have no idea how to measure their alcohol intake or what constitutes a ‘standard drink’.

Faux public health promotion just another beer ad

Michael Thorn on what’s wrong with the new DrinkWise commercial

Working together on alcohol policy

Professor Sally Casswell (Massey University, NZ) stresses the urgent need for a global approach to alcohol policy.

Support for Indigenous Australians

There is a pressing need for culturally sensitive, long term action on alcohol to prevent harms amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Victoria lacking leadership on alcohol harms

There was a time, when Victoria led the way on public health measures; a time when the State was not afraid to embrace bold measures to reduce harms and to save lives.

Boozy businesses must adapt

Sydney’s night time economy may change in response to new lockout laws, but that’s not a disaster.