January 23, 2015

Urgently needed: Voices for integrity in public policymaking

Society needs strong voices to promote public health and the integrity of policy-making processes.

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Urgently needed: Voices for integrity in public policymaking

By Michael Moore

Society needs strong voices to promote public health and the integrity of policy-making processes.

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Lives saved and our freedom not threatened

By Michael Thorn

12 months ago the NSW government announced measures to curb alcohol violence. One year on, the people of Sydney have the freedom to enjoy a night out without fear.

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Kids learn a lot from sports

New Good Sports campaign shines a spotlight on healthy sporting club cultures.

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NAAPA 2015: Why we must act on alcohol

Rob McEwen, father of Bondi assault victim Michael McEwen, stresses why NSW must act on alcohol.

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Will 2015 be another fizzer for alcohol policy?

By Brian Vandenberg

The 2014 National Alcohol Policy Scorecard results look bleak, but will this year be another fizzer for alcohol policy, or a chance for Australian governments to rebuild?

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NAAPA 2015: Not one more

Dr Stephen Parnis (AMA NSW) officially launches the NAAPA 2015 NSW Election Platform Launch.

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Rebalancing the scales

By Michael Thorn

FARE’s CEO reflects on 2014 and the year ahead

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Drink Club

By Bradman St Peters

Bradman St Peters breaks his silence.

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Public health and public interest journalism

By Melissa Sweet

In today’s era of convergence and blurring roles, much of what might be said about journalism futures also has relevance to other fields and sectors.

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The story behind the Sydney lockouts

By Sean Nicholls

Thomas Kelly’s death would reshape alcohol policy in NSW, possibly forever.

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Education key to cultural change

By Coco Bernard

Step Back Think: we need to educate and inform the younger generations of the harms related to alcohol misuse in order to encourage a cultural shift in our attitude toward drinking.

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Alcohol Policy Coalition launches new podcast series

By Sondra Davoren

APC is excited to launch a new series of podcasts aimed at reducing alcohol related harm in Victoria.

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Saying ‘no’ to supplying alcohol to under 18s

Sam Menezes looks at the attitudes and reasoning behind secondary supply and why some parents just can’t say no to their children.

Staggering alcohol toll must be reduced to ensure a healthier NSW

Alcohol harms, alcohol kills, and one preventable death from alcohol is one too many. This summer, NAAPA says ‘Not one more’.

We need to talk about …. Domestic violence and alcohol

Ingrid Wilson on why we can’t ignore the alcohol-fuelled violence which occurs behind closed doors.

We need more than gimmicks to face up to alcohol and other drugs

Just because ‘there’s an app for that’, doesn’t mean anyone is going to use it. UnitingCare ReGen CEO Laurence Alvis considers what online support services work for young people.

Local councils caught napping on alcohol control

New research reveals that Victorian local government alcohol plans are weak, vague and largely non-existent.

One in ten children harmed by adults’ drinking

New research has found children across the globe are being hurt, abused, exposed to violence, or left unsupervised as a result of another’s drinking.