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One Coward Punch and you’re out of here!

It’s quite hypocritical of the Western Australian state government to introduce the culling of the endangered Great White sharks, to save less than ten human lives a year, when it watches hundreds of people a year killed by alcohol without taking drastic actions to prevent that.

The ongoing health-effects of alcohol-related problems, and the huge costs to society should make it a priority for politicians to address Australia’s binge-drinking and violence issues. Let’s start with calling so called King Hits for what they really are; Coward Punches.

Drink driving is still regarded by far too many as a cavalier offence that’s not that serious. It’s only funny of course until a family-member or friend gets killed by an inconsiderate and selfish drunk. When kids in their own beds get killed because of drunks slamming out of control cars through the walls of homes, we know this has gone too far and for far too long.

When in the wild west local councils fight wars against retail giants Coles and Woolworths preventing them from opening mega super booze bottle shops but local councils are then over-ruled by state government agencies. This adds more problems to embattled local communities, who have to deal with the aftermath of violent drunken brawls and anti-social behaviour.

Last month, the City of Fremantle introduced an Alcohol Management Policy that states it doesn’t support outlets whose main purpose is the sale of alcohol. But now, the council is seriously considering the go ahead for another large pub in J Shed at Arthur Head.

Arthur Head has the State’s oldest public, and most historic, building in the Round House gaol. The proposal also includes live music concerts at the famous Bathers Beach for 1,500 people during twelve weekends in the summer months. If council allowed this to happen, the historic Whalers Tunnel could well become the world’s longest urinal after events at the new J Shed boozer.

One has to question how serious politicians are about stopping the rapid downward slide that alcohol has become in Australia. The anti-smoking messages have had amazing results in our country. How about we start attacking the abuse and over-indulgence of alcohol in the same way we successfully fought nicotine, and with such conviction with which Federal Government fights the “war” against innocent boat people.

Politicians alone can’t fight the alcohol war. They need support from the people in the community who need to speak up and condemn alcohol abuse. Don’t laugh when a mate boasts how drunk (s)he was and still drove home. Tell them they are idiots who risk other people’s lives.

It takes only one stupid hit by a drunk to take someone’s life. Compared to Australia’s drunks, sharks are pretty harmless.

Roel Loopers

Roel Loopers

Roel is a professional photographer based in Fremantle, WA. He is passionate about life and people and is Freo’s most prolific blogger.


  • Well said Roel. Reducing the alcohol in society would reduce the risk to everyone. Outlets focussed on selling booze don’t deserve support.

  • Your talking about hypocrites. you need to read a dictionary find out what the true meaning of a coward is and stop humiliating yourself by saying cowards punch. you can’t just change the meaning of words to suite your own cause. if our government hands us a gun and says now go over seas and murder people in the name of your government we have to do it or well be sent to jail and labelled a coward. yet if we defend our selves against a trouble maker trying to create as much problems and damage in our lives as possible we get called a coward who threw a cowards punch. so in actuality your a hypocrite on the verge of being a coward. every time you go down this path you are labelling our fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers cowards because our government sent them to war to murder in order to protect their families. you can’t just change the meaning of words because you want the right to run off your mouth without consequences. And i don’t think australians like you refering to our veterans as cowards. or have you given this word double standards as well. just means what you want it to mean at the time.

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