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Alcohol policy is a women’s rights issue

There are great examples of women’s grass-root movements that have emerged to reduce alcohol related harm. Yet there are too few women rights organisations actively involved in advocacy for evidence based effective alcohol policy measures. Why is that? Can we do anything about it?

Kristina Sperkova – a psychologist, alcohol and other drugs policy advocate, and President of IOGT – believes alcohol is a major risk factor for violence against women and communities internationally.

“Alcohol-fuelled violence is a women’s rights issue and yet the discourse, political will and concrete actions within the movement are falling short in addressing alcohol harm,” said Ms Sperkova.

In her Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) presentation, Alcohol policy is a women’s rights issue, Ms Sperkova analysed the challenges and solutions to making alcohol policy a women’s rights issue.

Her presentation identifies solutions towards alcohol-fuelled violence through constructive engagement, advocacy goals, messages, and addressing societal change.

In this short video, filmed at GAPC 2017 in Melbourne, Ms Sperkova, further discusses the need for alcohol-fuelled violence to be recognised as a women’s rights issue.

[vimeo id=”237854690″]


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