A pause for a cause

International FASD Awareness Day is marked in the 9th minute of the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of each year, representing the 9 months of pregnancy.

It’s all about reflecting and considering the choice to have an alcohol-free pregnancy and to share this prevention message across the world.

To honor this important day, Drink Tank is highlighting community-driven initiatives that are helping to get the word about FASD out there.

Today we share a story from Sarai Stevely about a “flash mob” in inner-city Perth, where groups of people with balloons under their t-shirts will raise awareness about the drinking alcohol during pregnancy, and the fact that it’s not just an issue for women, but it’s something that the whole community needs to address. While Troy Jones talks about his own experience of becoming a dad for the first time, and discusses a new campaign that encourages dads-to-be to support their partners right from the beginning, by taking a break from booze.



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