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Swap the pub for your bub

This September Canberrans are being urged to ‘swap the pub for your bub’ and take a break from alcohol to support a loved one who is pregnant.

A recent national study indicated that here in the ACT many pregnant women may not be receiving the advice that no alcohol is the safest option when pregnant. Now, with assistance from the ACT Government, Pregnant Pause is aiming to raise awareness of this important message in the Territory.

FARE Relationship Manager, Frances Ann Reports.

Frances Ann

Frances Ann

Frances is a marketing & communications professional dedicated to helping people live life to their full potential. Working as a Relationship Manager in Canberra for The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education she is passionate about raising funds for grassroots projects and medical research to support policy reform. She loves to make people laugh even if she is making fun of herself.


  • I think this logo is misleading and does not relate clearly the importance of no alcohol in pregnancy as the safest choice. Alcohol causes irreversible brain damage in a developing foetus we have to have clear direct messages to this affect as too many children have fads and this is a serious issue worthy of more than a flippant message about pubs and buns. Don’t forget most excessive drinking is done at home and not in pubs anyway

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