2017 in review: Driving Change

You’re in for a treat this summer. To farewell 2017 and welcome in the New Year, FARE’s Drink Tank team is showcasing the best of 2017; a selection of the most robust and interesting conversations from preventive health experts, researchers and practitioners for your reading pleasure.

Today we’re focusing on lockout laws and how they continue to be a contentious issue among various states and territories.

In this Drink Tank piece, FARE Chief Executive Michael Thorn, discusses ‘Driving Change’, an ongoing collaborative study between hospitals and Australian universities that is tracking where alcohol harm occurs, and how best to target violence prevention efforts.

‘Driving Change’ – a study based on the successful ‘Cardiff model’ of violence prevention from the United Kingdom – will record the drug and alcohol intake and place of last drink of people presenting to emergency departments at eight hospitals across Australia.

It is hoped that the results from the Driving Change study will open governments’ eyes to the daily reality of Australia’s frontline emergency workers.



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