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Fiona Nash: Stopping family violence is a national priority

Assistant Minister for Health Senator the Hon Fiona Nash MP spoke at the launch of the National framework for action to prevent alcohol-related family violence,  which was developed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and launched by Australian of the Year Rosie Batty at Parliament House in Canberra on 17 June 2015.

The following is an abridged version of her presentation, the full text of which can be accessed here.

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It is a great pleasure to be here, representing the Prime Minister, for FARE’s launch of the National framework for action to prevent alcohol-related family violence.

This framework is both important and timely.

Important, because alcohol-related family and domestic violence is a challenge to all of us – to all levels of society, to governments, to law enforcement authorities, to health institutions and, of course, to individuals.

Timely, because I do believe there is a growing recognition of the problem of alcohol-related family and domestic violence right across Australia – and, with that, a growing realisation that the time is right for something to be done about it – for action.

It will require commitment from everyone – a commitment that says, unequivocally – ‘enough is enough’.

Stopping the violence is a national priority for this government and we must all seize this opportunity to work together to create real and sustainable cultural and attitudinal change.

There is a lot of good work going on around this country at the moment in tackling the harms – physical, social, economic and health – caused by alcohol-related family and domestic violence – and FARE’s National Framework will help to inform the debate as we go forward.

But we don’t shy away from the fact that there is always more to do. Government will continue to work with state and territory health agencies, law enforcement, the alcohol industry, families communities to reduce the harm caused by unsafe alcohol consumption.

And here lies the key– only by working together as a true team will we ultimately have greater success in minimising the crippling impacts of alcohol related family and domestic violence.

This is a national problem demanding a national solution – and the National framework for action to prevent alcohol-related family violence, is an important contribution to that solution as we move forward – together.

For more detail on the Australian Government’s investments to address family violence and plans to develop new National Alcohol and Drug Strategies, read Senator Fiona Nash’s presentation in full.

Fiona Nash

As Assistant Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash MP is one of the most senior women in the Federal Government.

Minister Nash holds Federal Government responsibilities for rural, regional and indigenous health, food policy, drug and alcohol policy, organ donation and a number of health related agencies including the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Office of Chemical Safety.

Minister Nash was elected to the Australian Senate in 2004. She and her husband, David, live on a property at Crowther near Young in the south-west of NSW and are the parents of two boys, Will and Henry. Balancing family with the business of running a farm and representing the people of NSW shapes and influences everything Minister Nash does on professional and personal levels. She is committed to getting the best for her constituents in every avenue of daily life, from education to health, food security to safe environmental practices.

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