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The alcohol industry, health policy and conflicts of interest

Visiting expert Jeff Collin, Professor of Global Health Policy at The University of Edinburgh, believes that we need to tackle the commercial determinants of ill health – the global industrial epidemics driven by unhealthy commodity producers of alcohol, tobacco and ultra-processed food and drink.

Conflict of interest is, therefore, central to understanding and preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and developing effective policy responses to this burden.

In a seminar hosted by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and the Heart Foundation and held in Canberra this week, Professor Collin explores the issues of conflicts of interest between public health objectives and the economic goals of key industries, the tensions that emerge, and the global expansion of the alcohol industry and commitments to partnerships in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch Professor Collin’s seminar

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Jeff Collin

Jeff Collin is a Professor of Global Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. A political scientist, his research focuses on globalisation, health governance and corporate strategies to influence public health policy. He has been a member of World Health Organization (WHO) expert groups on tobacco industry influence on policy, is a member of the Tobacco Advisory Group of Cancer Research UK, a co-investigator in the UK Centre on Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, and an expert advisor to the Institute of Alcohol Studies. Recent publications examine the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, conflict of interest in international health philanthropy, policy coherence in global health, and UK Government support for the global expansion of the alcohol industry.

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