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High time to expose Big Alcohol

Every 10 seconds a human being dies because of alcohol. At the same time, children and young people around the world are exposed to an avalanche of alcohol advertising – to entice them to start consuming alcohol, and to persuade them use more alcohol all the time. But why is it that nobody holds the alcohol industry accountable for promoting death and disease?

Big Alcohol Exposed is a worldwide network of NGOs dedicated to exposing the truth about the unethical business methods of the alcohol industry. We have decided to join forces, to stand up to the alcohol industry and to unite efforts for exposing the truth about Big Alcohol.

Big Alcohol is a big buddy of Big Tobacco. Both industries are tightly connected on the highest levels. And the alcohol industry has over the years learned from the mistakes and successes of the tobacco industry – taking pages out of the playbook of Big Tobacco.

But why is it that the alcohol industry can continue to play its games?

The alcohol industry has accumulated a worldwide track record of aggressively opposing and undermining evidence-based political processes to protect people from alcohol harm; Big Alcohol has piled up a massive track record of directly targeting children and youth, of sexualizing and objectifying women, of doing anything possible to protect and boost their own profits – no matter the consequences for people, families, communities and societies around the world.

Simply put: What the alcohol industry says, is not at all what they do. And evidence proves that.

But why is it, that Big Alcohol keeps getting away with their unethical and ruthless business practices?

We say: It is high time to end the charade and expose the true face of Big Alcohol.

We are Big Alcohol Exposed and we know that our task is tall. This really is David facing Goliath – and we all know how the story ended.

And so, we are driven by the commitment to bust the myths perpetuated by the alcohol industry; to expose the unethical business practices of Big Alcohol – and this way contribute to building a better world.

To find out more visit www.bigalcohol.exposed, and join the conversation on Twitter by following @BigAexposed and #BigAlcoholExposed.

Maik Dunnbier

Maik is a Policy and Communications Officer for IOGT International and writes a blog on his life with IOGT. He is also a student at Stockholm University, studying Political Science, Philosophy and History of Ideas.


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