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GAPC 2017 wrap-up video with Michael Moore and Mel Stoneham

Local and international experts gathered today in Melbourne for the first day of the Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) 2017 – a forum for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers.
GAPC 2017 maintains the tradition of focusing on advocacy, overcoming vested interests in alcohol policy development, and the need for international collaboration. Each day of the conference is distinct. The plenary sessions, workshops and presentations have been providing attendees with opportunities to discuss their research and experience and how these can be applied to alcohol policy environments and reinvigorate efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm worldwide.
In today’s GAPC 2017 wrap-up video, alcohol harm experts Michael Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Health Association of Australia, and Mel Stoneham, Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute WA, talk about the day’s highlights, and give us insights into tomorrow’s program.

[vimeo id=”236700694″]


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