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GAPC 2017: From surgeon to Government Minister: Achieving last drink policies in Queensland

At the Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017, Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, and Member of Queensland Parliament shared his presentation, From surgeon to Government Minister: Achieving last drink policies in Queensland.

During his presentation Dr Anthony Lynham talked about his career as a surgeon, and then a politician. He relayed first-hand experience as a doctor operating on the victims of senseless alcohol fuelled assault. This constant exposure to trauma and violence led him to consider how this mindless behaviour can and should be stopped. For more than a decade Dr Anthony Lynham campaigned tirelessly for prevention of violence in the community. It is with this passion that saw him enter politics in Queensland where he successfully led the campaign for the implementation of last drinks state wide – an Australian first.

In this short video interview at GAPC 2017, Dr Anthony Lynham shared how he campaigned for last drinks measures from the perspective of before and after he entered politics. This presentation will provide delegates with an insight to influencing those in power, first as an outsider and then as an insider.

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