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Canberra event builds strong support system for women

At its heart, the Pregnant Pause campaign is about supporting mums and mums-to-be. This promise was reinforced and delivered last week when the Pregnant Pause community, Canberra mums and mums-to-be got together to discuss and support each other in tackling the longstanding debate: Is work, life and family balance achievable or just a myth? at the How does she do it? Pregnant Pause mums luncheon.

Over seventy Canberra mums and mums-to-be heard from a panel of high profile Canberra women, including  journalist Jolene Laverty, social entrepreneur Summer Edwards, international best-selling author Karen Viggers and For Purpose founder Caterina Giorgi. The panel shared their experiences and advice on being a mum, career woman and house goddess all the while retaining their sanity.

It was the first Pregnant Pause event of its kind to be run in Canberra, and gave women the chance to hear from a diverse group of mums who have continued to develop successful careers while preserving time for family.

Panellists also shared their experiences of being pregnant, including how they hid the early stages of their pregnancies and how they avoided alcohol without tipping off friends and family.

It was an opportunity for the Pregnant Pause community to come together and connect with other local mums as they shared candid and empowering conversations on being a mum.

“I think community is so important. It’s important to ask people questions when you need help, it’s important to hang out with people and draw on that village that you need to raise a child,” said guest speaker Caterina Giorgi during the event.

Pregnant Pause is an innovative campaign that focuses on building a strong support system to help women achieve an alcohol free pregnancy together with family and friends. The campaign is about encouraging Australians to support each other and give newborn babies the best possible start in life.

We know that there is evidence to show that mums are more likely to achieve an alcohol free pregnancy if they have the support of their network and if family and friends give up alcohol during that time.

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If you are interested in signing up for a Pregnant Pause or finding our more about Pregnant Pause events, visit the campaign website at www.pregnantpause.com.au

The Pregnant Pause campaign in an initiative of the Foundation for Alcohol Research an Education and supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program.

Kamara Buchanan

Kamara Buchanan is a Project Officer at the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, and manages the Pregnant Pause campaign.

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