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Lessons from the removal of tobacco sponsorship from sport

Remember the Escort Cup?  Know the story behind how tobacco sponsorship of sport was butted out? If you have no clue what we’re talking about – Escort was a tobacco brand that sponsored a national AFL competition. A couple of decades back tobacco advertising was plastered across Australian sports events.

Then a rugby league club President spoke out.  David Hill led the North Sydney Bears, and wanted an end to tobacco sponsorship.  He told Di Martin it’s a story of power, influence and bullying by an industry that controlled the way we thought about sport.  Like the name of the rugby league competition.

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  • It would be nice to have this sort of leadership on removing alcohol and gambling sponsorship of sporting events and sporting teams. Remember when the Australian Government under Julia Gillard put up funding($25 million)to get sporting organisations to stop accepting sponsorship from alcohol companies? We need to go down the same path we did with ending tobacco sponsorship of sport. It just takes a decision from those who we elect to represent us to do the right thing. It’s not that hard.

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